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Framing the exterior

Revitalizing a Historic Commerical Space

Revitalizing a Historic Commercial Space with 2Fold Thermal Steel Windows and Doors

The owners of a commercial home and garden store faced the challenge of brightening up their lackluster space within a Landmarked/historical district. They found the perfect solution in 2Fold thermal steel windows and doors, renowned for their sleek, minimalist design, aiming to create an inviting atmosphere for customers and effectively showcase their outdoor merchandise.

To transform the space, they chose one large outswing door and three large fixed lites/window walls using the 2Fold thermal steel system. This allowed ample natural light to flood the interior, enhancing the store’s appeal while seamlessly integrating modern elements into the historical setting. With expert consulting, engineering services, custom solutions, and professional installation, the implementation of 2Fold thermal steel windows and doors successfully revitalized the commercial store, radiating vibrancy, attracting more customers, and demonstrating the transformative power of innovative design choices in a Landmarked/historical district.