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NYC Interior Steel Door Installation

Preserving Heritage: Warren Windows' Expertise Shines in Greenwich Village Townhouse with 2Fold Steel Doors

The successful installation of 2Fold steel doors in the historic Greenwich Village townhouse stands as a testament to Warren Windows’ expertise in door consultation and installation. The careful balance achieved between heightened security, sound reduction, and the preservation of architectural charm highlights the thoughtful approach taken by the team.

Warren Windows addressed the specific challenge of reinforcing security in the townhouse while respecting its historical significance, with a particular focus on the Juliet balcony doors. The choice of 2Fold steel doors with thin frames and SGP (Sentry Glas® Plus) laminated glass, along with multipoint locking, showcases a commitment to seamlessly integrating modern security features into the heritage of the building. This approach not only meets the stringent requirements of the New York City Landmarks association but also enhances the overall security of the property.

The team’s meticulous installation of thin-framed, minimalist steel doors inboard to the existing historic wood doors is an innovative solution. This strategic placement not only adds a layer of top-notch security but also contributes to sound reduction, enhancing the overall living experience within the townhouse. The integration of these doors successfully marries aesthetics with advanced security measures, demonstrating Warren Windows’ dedication to addressing both the visual and functional aspects of the project.

In summary, the transformative project in Greenwich Village showcases Warren Windows’ ability to navigate the delicate balance between modern security needs and historical preservation. The installation of 2Fold steel doors not only enhances security but also contributes to the townhouse’s overall charm and living comfort, making it a model example of a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to door consultation and installation.