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Aftermath of interior doors

NYC Interior Steel Door Installation

Interior Steel Door Installation mounted inboard to existing historic wood doors for safety concerns

This steel door installation consisted of the successful integration of 2Fold steel doors into a historic townhouse in Greenwich Village, achieving an ideal balance between enhanced security and preservation of its unique architectural charm. Warren Windows, renowned for its expertise in door consultation and installation, played a pivotal role in this transformation.

Warren Windows embraced the challenge of fortifying the townhouse’s security while preserving its historic architectural charm. By meticulously selecting 2Fold steel doors, the team seamlessly integrated modern security features that complemented the building’s heritage.

With Warren Windows as the door consultant and installation expert, the townhouse benefited from a comprehensive approach. The team installed thin-framed, minimalist steel doors that ingeniously mounted inboard to the existing historic wood doors, blending aesthetics with top-notch security.