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Home in the Hamptons

2Barns - Monumental Size Steel Doors & Windows

This case study presents a remarkable barn conversion project in the Hamptons, NY, where two barns were skillfully combined into an exquisite property. The challenge involved harmoniously blending two distinct barn architectures—one from England—and integrating diverse window solutions for enhanced aesthetics and functionality. The design cleverly utilized aluminum clad wood double-hung windows for smaller openings, exuding traditional charm, and thermal steel minimalist windows and doors for larger openings, establishing a modern and sustainable connection with the surroundings.

The project’s centerpiece was a grand entrance door, artfully engineered to measure 4 feet wide and 11 feet tall, ensuring effortless operation for users of varying heights. This seamless transformation of the barns, alongside the expertly selected window types and full-service approach, beautifully exemplifies the successful integration of tradition and modernity, ultimately bringing this architectural vision to life in a harmonious and visually stunning manner.