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Modern meets Historic in NYC West Village Townhouse

Blend of historical charm with modern innovation

The NYC West Village project involved the comprehensive renovation of two neighboring townhouses, merging them into a unified residence. While the front windows complied with the New York City Landmark Commission’s guidelines, matching the historic wood windows, the rear facade embraced modernity with state-of-the-art thermal steel windows. This innovative selection included 2Fold Thermal Steel bifold doors, a window wall with awnings, and casement windows with simulated divided grills. These choices provided energy efficiency, abundant natural light, and a secure yet contemporary look.

To ensure successful product selection and alignment, Warren windows acted as a window consultant and installation expert. We were actively involved, collaborating closely with the architect and contractor. Their expertise and guidance were crucial in making informed decisions and maintaining the project’s vision and schedule.

The renovation also incorporated a unique bulkhead design, featuring angled windows, doors, and a geometric triangular skylight, adding to the modern appeal and increasing natural light within the interior spaces.

This comprehensive approach was a seamless blend of historical charm and modern innovation, creating a visually appealing, energy-efficient, and functional residence that reflects the spirit of the NYC West Village.