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Creating a makeover of a Connecticut Private Residence

Rebuilding and Adding Custom Windows and Doors to a Private Home in Simsbury, Connecticut

This case study focuses on the successful rebuilding and addition of a private home in Simsbury, Connecticut.   This construction required a comprehensive overhaul of its windows and doors. The project involved the installation of Lepage aluminum clad Series Bi-Fold & Swing Doors, Awnings, Casements, and Direct set windows.  Their design incorporated Square and Angled/Polygon shapes, Red Grandis material with Acoustic Performance glass. Aesthetics played a crucial role, demanding Flat simulated divided lites grills for the exterior and Square Interior that maintained symmetry with adjacent units.

Customization was essential to accommodate the existing and new building framing. Special attention was given to the custom brickmold casing, necessitating custom-sized sill horns.

Interior 2Fold Steel pocket and swing doors were integrated into the design.  The steel doors blended seamlessly with the wood windows.  

Warren Windows acted as door and window consultants as well as installation experts. The architect and contractor’s collaboration were pivotal in sizing.  The original design required adjustments from the construction team to achieve the desired geometry and ensure proper alignment. Ultimately, the successful completion of this comprehensive renovation provided the private home in Simsbury with a harmonious blend of modern features and existing charm, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.