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Custom Thermal Steel Pivot Door with Advanced Features

Pivot Door with Steel Skins, Accoya Wood Core, and Custom Features

This case study presents a custom pivot door featuring blackened steel skins with a thermal break, custom stainless-steel pulls, 3″ thick tempered insulated glass, and a custom electronic deadbolt. The door’s design reflects a modern and sophisticated style, incorporating high-quality materials and advanced functionalities.

The pivot door underwent meticulous manufacturing, with careful selection of materials and attention to detail. The blackened steel skins, coupled with a thermal break, provide an elegant appearance while enhancing insulation and energy efficiency. Custom stainless-steel pulls add a touch of luxury and durability. The 3″ thick tempered insulated glass ensures security and reduces heat transfer. The door’s standout feature is the custom electronic deadbolt system, offering secure access control via remote control or cell phone. This combination of aesthetics, thermal efficiency, and advanced security features makes the custom pivot door a premium addition to any space.