Achieve the perfect balance of form and function with Lepage wood windows and doors crafted from solid wood. Renowned for their superior performance and energy efficiency, these products boast a time-tested design that ensures optimal functionality. Featuring sashes that open outward, they leverage wind pressure to enhance air tightness, effectively sealing out harsh weather conditions. What’s more, our offerings are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them to match any architectural style, thereby creating a unique aesthetic while preserving functionality. Say goodbye to compromising on either form or function – with Lepage, you can have it all.

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows and Doors

  • Available with aluminum clad
  • Solid wood frame, sash and moldings; no finger-joints
  • Structural construction; multi-section units have common head and sill; no mulling of modules
  • Increased protection against leakage and infiltration due to exceptional weather-stripping
  • Single, structural post for cleaner lines, better aesthetics, more visible glass
  • Glued hardwood dowel sash assembly for solid, long lasting assembly precision
  • Option for Push-out casement
  • Optional wood screen
  • Available with triple glaze
  • Available in the Impact Series