Hi, I’m Peter Warren. I left Skyline Windows and formed my own company, Warren Windows.


My mission is to provide architects and builders the finest door and window products and provide the highest level of client satisfaction throughout the entire process of designing, buying and installing premier products.


I’ve learned a lot of lessons about the delivery of doors and windows and want to share my experience and offer sound advice while delivering only successful projects that fulfill every expectation of the client.


The first product I am representing is 2Fold Doors. It was developed by Ed Page who brought me into the business 30 years ago. When I made a complete renovation of the kitchen in my home, I bought 2Fold rather than get discounted products from my company. The result is amazing and an appeal that would not be possible with any other product.


2Fold is revolutionary approach to steel window design. Yes, it is steel at its core but adds Accoya® to the inside for world class thermal efficiency and aesthetic appeal on the inside. Both steel and aluminum windows use sticks of aluminum as glazing beads and the joinery leaves much to be desired visually.


I’d like an opportunity to show you why this product is worth your consideration on any project where sightlines, performance, reliability and speed of delivery are important.