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Custom Steel Window
Custom Steel Window

A lot of people talk about service, but I have always lived it. Even as a vice president of sales for NYC’s largest and most prestigious window and door company, I rolled up my sleeves. Time after time I’d make sure that the installers were executing the plan we created to the highest level possible. Problems with manufacturing or scheduling were not below me. I wanted happy customers and successful projects. Anyone who stood between those two things, knew to look out.

As Your Door & Window Experts, We care about You and Your Project

So many of the manufacturers that I’ve worked with think that their job is done when the doors and windows leave their loading dock. This is simply not true. Until the product is correctly installed, on-time and fulfilling the clients needs and wishes, it is an unfinished job. Every owner, builder, and architect needs an advocate with intimate knowledge and experience of the internal workings. Our clients are always better off with someone who is happy to escort them through the process. That is what Warren Window’s mission is, plain and simple. Making us your Door & Window Experts, 1st choice.

Peter Warren next to 2Fold Thermal steel with custom lockboxes
Ed Page of 2Fold
Ed Page, 2Fold's Founder, CEO, & Partnered with Warren Windows

Anybody with a few samples and brochures can be a window salesman. Very few are technicians who understand what’s under the hood. There are a lot of little details that separate a good window or door from a great one. We pride ourselves on listening to your needs and translating that into the best possible product to fit your desires. From there we then help you select exactly the right options to make you happy that you placed your trust in us. As for what I don’t know already, I know where and how to get the right answer.